Waffle Pitch: Soups & Stories

Do you have an idea you would like to share or a challenge you need help to solve? And do you like waffles?

Every Friday we invite Impact Hub Bergen members and non-members for waffles and idea challenge pitching.

The concept is simple: We make (awesome) waffles and lunch, you come to the café, you eat and listen to other members' pitches or you give a pitch yourself. This is a great way to present your business to other members or to get help to solve any challenge you may have.

Join us for a presentation from Katrine Meisfjord, a current member and a former program participant working on her project, Soups & Stories. 

"The Soups&Stories Project is a social and dialogue based art and research project. We try to introduce forms of interaction and creating alternative forums for discussion about socio political topics. Thereby gaining insights which differ from those of our media saturated society. We facilitate space and methods to gather people with varying backgrounds to share their personal stories while eating soup together. Our shared stories revolve around personal experiences and how we relate or react to diversity, current events and circumstances. Events vary from discourse in private spaces to gatherings in the public space, usually in conjunction with festivals or other public events."

Mull over the pitch with a waffle and provide feedback to help Soups & Stories reach their goals!

You can find more information about the project here: https://www.meisfjord-satre.com/

Lunch: 50 NOK incl. coffee (for externals: 70 NOK)

Waffle: 15 NOK